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    I hope that this site is so useful to you and you can get more informations from it.loriya_as@yahoo.com2007-12-08 17:59:25

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    Often the problem will appear to be a pressure issue when it comes to volume or flow issue. A restriction in a line or just having a long line or under sized line could be the problem. There are many considerations; do you have enough pressure at your mains? Do you have an old furred up pipe work, perhaps lead or galv? Is your main stop open fully?

    If you install a pressure gauge, you can check pressure. It should be above about 35 PSI. 35 PSI would be on the low side, but should be ok. Look at the http://www.plumberscorvallisoregon.com/ then look at it when the water is on full in the bathtub. If the pressure is ok until you turn on the water than it is a flow problemloriya_as@yahoo.com2008-01-02 17:40:10

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    clear a path through the debris in the tank. Once a good flow has been established, you can close the supply valve and open the t&p.

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    You can use compound miter saw, The motor for a miter saw is mounted on an arm that swings and pivots left to right so that you can do angled cuts. A compound miter saw motor not only swings left and right it also tilts so you can do beveled cuts.

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    Hey dude,

    I prefer 1/2″ Barb 1/2″ Fpt Drop Ear Elbow,Fittings used for hot and cold water, new construction, or professional plumbing. Eliminates need for solvents, chemicals, solder, and flame. Use ONLY with black copper crimp rings. Crimp rings NOT included.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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