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      I love Rehau. Sturdy stuff. Helps me sleep at night.
      I’ve got a customer that wants me to install a Maniblock. I personally think this system is a tremendous waste of material and water. That and it seems like a plastic piece of garbage.

      Your thoughts?

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      I use copper myself. Used it for 44 Yrs. still do.

      Art retired plbg

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      I also use copper pipe. No matter what the new age of piping brings….all you have to do is follow the history of plastic piping and it’s failures, it’s lawsuits, and it’s reliability problems as it ages. Sorry I’m not hopping on any bandwagon because it’s fast and easy to install. I save that for those who don’t care about their customer base and live for the moment in these times. Tooodle-Dee


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      I’m in central Texas and we’ve had serious problems with copper pitting and deteriorating due to water quality. Well water mainly but slab leaks in the citys of Austin and San Antonio are very common. I sleep better with the Rehau. Pressed brass fittings are very expensive but sturdy. Relying on crimp rings or o-rings like Kitek or Trac. reminds me of polybutylene.
      I still use copper about half the time but never again in a slab.

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      Hey dude,

      I prefer 1/2″ Barb 1/2″ Fpt Drop Ear Elbow,Fittings used for hot and cold water, new construction, or professional plumbing. Eliminates need for solvents, chemicals, solder, and flame. Use ONLY with black copper crimp rings. Crimp rings NOT included.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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