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      I used to work for a guy and he had a Makita Mitre Saw that we used for cutting PVC Pipe. Anyone know what model it is. Has to cut 100mm (4″) PVC I’m sure he got it from a plumbing supplier (probably 10 years ago) but nobody i’ve asked knows anything about it.

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      Heck what happened to the old fashioned “Jack saw” all these dang fangled modern toys all cost more than a buck and don’t last as long as the good old hand saw.

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      I agree with Selgas…I use a handsaw (Rigid’s is the one I currently use) and a simple wooden miter box to cut plastic pipe. I’ve never had to cut plastic pipe at any angle but 90 degrees and the basic miter box and handsaw work fine for this, cost much less than any powered miter saw and weight a lot less. I’m sure the carpenters like their miter saws, but I see no need to use one.


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      you can use any miter saw. use a wood blade and go

      slow. I do it a lot. no problems. You need a 12″

      blade for 4 inch.

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      You can use compound miter saw, The motor for a miter saw is mounted on an arm that swings and pivots left to right so that you can do angled cuts. A compound miter saw motor not only swings left and right it also tilts so you can do beveled cuts.

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