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The opportunity exists for Companies to Promote their Websites and Market their Products and Services through the leading Plumbing Website on the Internet…

You will connect with Plumbers, Contractors, Specifiers and Users looking for Plumbing related information.

The expanse and depth of information, which is constantly being increased and expanded, throughout provides the catalyst for the more than 150,000 visitors who log on every month, creating over 600,000 page impressions.

Advertising packages can be custom designed to suit your needs, and can include some or all of the options listed below.


Banner Advertisements

Full Banner Advertisements are available throughout the Website and appear randomly to ensure continuing interest from visitors as they move around the Website.

Banner advertisements can be animated or static, and you can supply your own or we can have them created for you in-house. If supplying your own banner images, the maximum file size is 50kb and to fit the responsive format of our website, banners must be provided in the following sizes:

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Button Advertisements

Button advertisements have been depreciated.

eNewsletter Sponsorship

Our eNewsletter is published monthly and distributed to over 5,000 subscribers.
Each eNewsletter is also archived in our PlumbNews section.
As well as being seen to be supporting the industry, an advertorial will appear detailing your company, products and services.



This month’s eNewsletter is brought to you by:

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Please contact us for pricing & availability Discussion List (MPDL)

The Discussion List or MPDL for short, is a discussion list for Plumbers, Drainers, Gasfitters, Roof Plumbers, Engineers, Hydraulic Consultants, Specifiers, Suppliers and Manufacturers etc. working in the Plumbing Industries.



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