Oil Heat Knowledge

There are websites that are home to the best and the brightest (and most helpful!) people in the oil heat business. Here, you will find good conversations and books that will become valuable additions to your heating library. Knowledge is power. Try Alan Mercurio’s OIL TECH TALK for great conversations and Alan’s book, Carry the Torch, which is easy to read and filled with real-world experience.

Next, visit George Lanthier, THE FIREDRAGON. He’ll share his many years of experience with you through his practical books and plain-English seminars.

Pay a visit to the home of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF OIL HEAT SERVICE MANAGERS Once there, click on SHOP TALK, their chat board (look for it on the left-hand side), where you’ll meet some very bright oil heat people.

Finally, check out THE NEW ENGLAND FUEL INSTITUTE to keep up on their courses and what’s going on in the industry.

Dan Holohan

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