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My friend Tim McElwain specializes in Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting. When it comes to this, I think he’s the best in the business. Since 1994, he’s conducted training nationwide for everyone involved in the Gas Heating Industry. Tim has brought years of practical experience to the classrooms, and to the job sites. Tim worked for a gas utility in New England for 28 years. For 18 years of those years, he was the Training Supervisor for the Customer Service Department. He trained over 100 service people during that time. Tim also owned and operated a restaurant-service company for nine years. In 1994, he left the utility and founded Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting. To date, Tim has trained well over 10,000 technicians.

The company offers a series of 27 Gas Service Training Manuals. They also offer over 56 different Troubleshooting Guides. In addition, Tim personally conducts a comprehensive Training Seminar Series that lasts for seven days and covers, the Fundamentals of Gas, Circuitry and Troubleshooting, Hydronic Controls, Powerpile Systems, Conversion Burners, Electric Ignition Systems and Advanced Electric Ignition Systems. Your investment is a low $175 per day, and each seminar includes a manual. I know of no other place in America where you can find a week filled with this sort of gas training for just $1,225. Others will spend years trying to accumulate the knowledge that can be yours in a single week. Take his course and leap ahead of the pack.

In the past, Tim worked as one of the instructors on the Honeywell Source Program. He was also on the staff of New England Gas Operations School from 1994 until 1999, and he served as Chairman of the Training Group Committee. The guy’s got the credentials, and he speaks plain English.

Tim writes a monthly article for the HVAC Insider called TIMMIE’S TIPS. He’s also had articles in the NEWS. He is one of the regular presenters on the popular site, where you can see him in the Archives, or live on the last Tuesday of just about every month (8:00 PM EST).

The company has a training center at 36 Market Street in Warren, Rhode Island where he offers his popular seminar series. You can check his schedule in the Upcoming Seminars section of (look on the navigation bar), and Tim will send you a course catalog if you drop him an email.

Get in touch with my friend, Timmie McElwain, the Gas Trainer!

Gas Appliance Service Training & Consulting
22 Griffith Drive
Riverside, RI 02915
Phone: 401-437-0557
FAX: 401-270-1893
Email: [email protected]


Dan Holohan

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