The Plumber

I am but a simple bloke,
That knows of water drains and shit,
Drive me ute and has me dog,
A gentle laugh, an’ wit.

I crawl under peoples houses
In roof space and in ditch.
Fixin broken water pipes
An’ sewers, tho the smells a bitch.

But I does me job,
Tho I gripe and moan about
But I does me job
An’ some times curse an’ shout.

The apprentice lad I got
Pimpled, tall and dumb,
Sposed to be a help they say,
Can’t get off his bum.

Was I ever that thick?
When first I started out.
I could’nt be ,never me,
Tho me boss at me did shout.

Beaurocrats, insurers and politicians too
All want to regulate and stipulate, Everythin I do.
They tell me how and when and even some times why
But when a blokes deep in it, not a hand they offer I.

I like a Friday night
Down the pub for a pot or three.
Yakking round the bar with mates,
The apprentice dog and me.

Works hard, life tough,
Builders never wanna pay
But I sorta like me lot,
Wouldn’t have it any other way.

The missus kids an’ me are fine
We’re a happy bunch of four,
I am a country plumber,
I look out for you and your.

John B.

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