Tradies urged to protect their hearing against risk of permanent hearing loss from industrial noise

Tradies across the country are at risk of developing permanent hearing loss due to noise hazards on the job. Tradies are being urged to listen to the latest guidelines on how to protect their hearing health. It’s as simple as wearing hearing protection devices – at work and during leisure time.

Hearing loss due to excessive noise from machinery and power tools is one of the most widespread, yet preventable, workplace injuries.

But there is good news, with recent findings showing that tradies who use hearing protection devices at work are also more likely to use them during noisy leisure pursuits.

A national survey of more than 8,000 Australian adults conducted by the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), the research division of Australian Hearing, reveals that workplace users of hearing protection devices are five times more likely to use them at leisure. Men were significantly more likely than women to use hearing protection in 10 out of 20 leisure activities, and those with tinnitus were also more likely to don the earmuffs.


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