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  • Worked in nursing homes for years as on-site maintenance. I’ve seen this and very similar complaints several times. My gut says parasitosis. Talk to your doctor about this.

    in reply to: Time to fix the Noise–any tips? #295552

    Just so you undertand what’s causing the noise: It is probably not that the pipe is expanding in diameter and pressing against the sides of the hole it’s commint through.

    The noise is probably because the pipe is getting longer as it warms up and sliding slowly through this tight opening.

    Making the opening larger so the pipe can slide freely will probably help. And a little space is all you need.

    in reply to: JEt pump question #295514

    I haven’t done anything to the well itself.

    I have a pre-charged air tank and it is pressurized to 26lbs so it’s 4 lbs below the cut-in pressure.

    And it’s set up with two pipes as a deep well pump.

    I’ve decided the problem must be in the well. Probably the jet either got partially clogged or worn and that’s what burned out the first pump.

    I’ll live with the low pressure (as long as it keeps working this way) and dig up the well in the spring when the ground isn’t quite so hard.

    Thanks for your replies.

    in reply to: Flushed candle wax down the toilet #295417

    Unless you poured a lot of wax down there, I’d suspect something else has caused your problem. Ifyou are plugged with wax (I’m voting not), maybe you can brake it up with a plumbers closet auger (it’s a short wound wire snake with a crank. Any hardware store will have one)

    But I’d be looking for other explinations first. Chieck to see if tank is filled with water, check to see if flapper is attached to the flush handle, check to see if flapper seats near the end of the tank draining.

    in reply to: 3 wire/4 wire well pump work around????? #295300

    now that we have the whole story, I’ll agree…go with two wire pump. Convert one of your hots to a neutral. Just mark it as such on each end. The NEC allows this.

    Going to a two wire pump means either a less powerful motor or the motor will draw more amperage (now you’ll only have 110Volts instead of 220V so amps (current)goes up. Your current wires may not be big enough for more current so you may need to choose a smaller pump.

    in reply to: 3 wire/4 wire well pump work around????? #295297

    Talk to your local electrical inspector, I suspect you’re installation will be grandfathered if you’re only changing out the pump and not making other upgrades.

    If you do have to provide a ground, it must be a the same depth as the other wires.

    And, the wires to the well pump can come from your basement if that’s an easier location to trench from.

    in reply to: Help with locating rubber tap connector??? #295271

    You can still get these piercing valves, ask at your hard ware store for a kit to install an ice maker fridge.

    But piercing valves leak, and the tiny hole they make won’t pass much water, it will take a long, long time to fill a washer.

    I suspect that if you unscrew the aerator form the faucet, you’ll find a set of threads where you can attach a hose adaptor, also available from the hardware store.

    in reply to: Best Hardening Agent To Support Shower Base #295209

    I’ve always laid a bed of mortar on a plastic sheet and laid another layer of plastic over it. It doesn’t have to be neat or fancy but makes removing the thing so much easier years later.

    in reply to: hot water in cold water faucet #295142

    This can happen if you have some plae where the hot and cold water are connected together. Some places could be a shower that you turn off at the shower head instead of at the shower valve. With both the hot and cold water on at the valve, the hot can flow into the cold water pipe when the shower is off. Or a shut off on a hose attached to a sink.

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