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    Good Day All,

    I was wondering if any of you can assist me with some considerations and tips on designing a ring mains for a three storey building..We plan to do it all in copper…

    The Storage Unit and Heat Pump water heater will be at basement level..

    Then we will have

    1) 4 apartments (4ppl per unit) on the 1st floor
    2) 8 apartments (2ppl per unit) on the 2nd floor
    3) 10 apartments (2ppl per unit) on the 3rd floor

    I usually only work on domestic installations, but I am clueless on these bigger designs…

    Info that I require..

    1-) Piping diameters upwards to each floor
    2-) Piping diameters branching off to each floor
    3-) Piping diameters branching off into each apartment.
    4-) Pump(flow rate) required to handle this
    5-) How will it be controlled, as we do not want the ring mains pump to circulate throughout the day. it is residential and we will only need circulation around 16:00 to 08:00..

    Any info will be appreciated…

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    Consider taking professional and expert advice. Visit this site: http://www.atozHome.net/, and hire a professional company for all your ring mains design.

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    The designing is very difficult process for 3 to 4 storey building
    and shops. But the idea of ring mains design is useful for this
    purpose. smith462013-05-27 16:55:55

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