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    The relief valve did its job. The water heater never got over pressurized to the point you should worry about it. These are glassed lined steel tanks, ( I believe they still use these but I havent sold one in many years), and the glass lining was probably cracked from the moment it arrived at your house. Thats the problem with glass lined tanks and why they dont last. The overfiring shouldnt be a problem.

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    : In august of 1998 I had a new oil fired hot water tank and burner installed. On three occations since installation the oil buner has failed to shut down causing the relief valve to open purging overheated water from the tank. The tank is under warrantee and there is a service contract. The sevice technition has identified that the thermostate is not functioning properly and is replacing it to correct the problem. : My Question: How severely has this affected the life of the tank? Should the tank be replaced?

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    Presuming an XL-100 Pressure relief is installed; The Tank is Pressure rated to almost twice what the relief valve blows at, by ASTM. Bochs Heaters are all built to commercial standards, far and away the best you could have spent youre money on.Having installed them for 12 years in the NYC area, they are the best built. Besides the warrenty should cover you for many years to come.If you need further advice I would reccomend Emanuel Troise Jr He is an expert Plumbing witness in the City of New York, and wrote the Code book, Im sure he would help you out . Good Luck , John The Plumber

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    I am interested in your water heater/forced air heating units. I have a log cabin with no chimney so I would have to side vent. My minimum btu requirements are 50,000 I may want to go to 75-85,ooo to accomodate future additions.

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    how do you pugre a water heater

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