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    The system pressure is not a factor as long as the upper level is heating. The only thing that will keep it from heating is no circulation. If it doesnt heat when the other two zones are off, then it is either the zone valve or air in the system. Can you pressure purge the system through a valve at the far end of the system?: I have a 25 years old series-loop hot-water heating system, the system is divided into 3 zones (2 upstairs, 1 downstair), my boiler is located on downstair, : After replaced a new circulating pump, I found 2 upstair zones are working fine (very hot) but downstair zone is still cold (very cold). : (1) I purged all air from convectors.(I belive still some air in my system) : (2) The pressure of expansion tank is 12 psi. : (3) The pipe beyond the zone valve (control downstair zone) is hot. : (4) The tempeture and pressures of boiler are correct.: I hope someone can help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. :: : Eric :

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    yo homie, this is what you do, get a new heater system

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