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      Tried Sylvan LMP’s suggestions:
      -Toilet was off the mount, so I tried the 5 gals down the pipe first, and there was no back-up. Then I stuck the garden hose in, let it run full and with a flashlight, I could see the water never coming back to the elbow some four feet down.
      -Then I mounted the toilet, poured in 5 gals, and it seemed to flush fairly “normal”. I then tried flushing using the tank’s reserve water, and the bowl overflowed. Let it sit a while, it ran down.
      Tried flushing again some 2 hours later, and, you guessed it, right back to square one with a slow flush that will not remove solids.
      Still stumped in New England.

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      OK Don, now we are getting some place. There seems to be a particle blockage in the toilet and you can try to dislodge it with a “Closet Auger”

      This is nothing more than a hand cranked snake used strictly for toilet stoppages.

      The problem with a plunger is most folks try to push the plunger down trying to force the stoppage down instead of using a plumber like a suction cup retrieving the obstacle.

      If you continue having this problem call a licensed plumber to auger this toilet with a large retrieving head auger.

      If all else fails you may have to replace this toilet. Some toilets just never work properly.

      I removed several new American standard and Kohler toilets recently that seemed prone to stoppages. Please keep me posted and good luck

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      Sounds like you may have a venting problem. Call a plumber and have him check it out.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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