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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I am currently sourcing generic technical articles for the publication “Pumping Technologies”.
        Could you direct me to toward a person(s) whom I could contact in relation to this matter.

        Kind Regards
        Val Maynes
        Pumping Technologies

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Hi Val, considering I am only a “plumber” I am curious as to what kind of pumps are you asking about?

          Are we talking about positive displacements pumps? Circulators, Slurry handling pumps, sludge pumps, effluent pumps, submersible pumps, up right pumps, chop pumps, mud suckers, process pumps, steam ejectors, condensate pumps, diaphragm pumps or piston pumps?

          Are we looking into metering pump technology or balancing rotating studying the effects of vibration or the latest developments in ANSI pump installation procedures?

          How about fire protection pumping systems with all the add ON’s of bells and whistles.

          Another aspect of pumping is pump seals which is a whole new industry plus the latest in logic control programming for pump applications could also be a great topic to bring to our attention.

          I would love to learn more about pump/motor controls and pump/varible frequency drive (VFD) control.

          A lot of plumbers like myself are truly concerned about performance curves and how to evaluate the readings we get.

          We plumbers need to learn more about pump and impeller classifications and learn more about the thermal and moisture protection of systems relating to submersible pump motors and when to repair Vs replace.

          A lot of apprentices are having trouble with knowing basic liquid properties and pump head due to the specific gravity of the medium being pumped and friction losses.

          I really wish that future articles would be posted on bearing isolators and protection against lubricant loss and contamination and shaft wear and how to get the lowest coefficient of friction with shaft wear.

          The problem as I see it is a lot of the non trainables calling themselves “plumbers” go to a supply house and say “give me a pump” having no consideration for the viscous materials they may encounter.

          Thank you Val for coming to this list. I am sure your input will be very refreshing.
          Respectfully.. Sylvan

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