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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I am having Slaby Construction Co. remodel my bathroom 5×8 and need a small drop in porcelin sink
        (white) to fit my existing sink base. We are making a Banjo type sink top using Tumble Marble and can’t
        find a sink smaller than 16 by 18 we need one around 12 or 13 inches. This can be round or Oval. It is
        the debt from the splash board to the front of the sink that I need the 12 or 13 inches. I can be wider
        to 18 inches the other way. Where can I find such a sink?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Porcelain is the WORST material in the WORLD for a sink.
          It chips and stains and YECH. Unless your willing to buy it on cast Iron you had better think stainless steel

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          Avatar photohj

            Pocelain stains? Then I guess toilets had better be changed to cast-iron. One of the requirements for a toilet finish is that it be impervious to stains even when immersed in the stain material. Cast iron sinks, since they only have a glaze over the finish can be scoured until the finish is gone. You do not find many toilets that have lost their smooth surface. And any hard surface applied to a base material can chip if hit hard enough, but that does not mean that you should forget asthetics and focus on the practical aspects of materials such as plastic, stainless steel, etc.. Also, any shock that would shatter china/porcelain would also dameage cast iron.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              you might try looking at some of the higher end bar sinks to find something cute for your project


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              Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                HJ do you ALWAYS wash your POTs and PANS in the toilet?
                What state are you from?

                In MOST civilized states resturants and the BETTER home kitchens use Stainless steel sinks.
                Porcelain on Steel chips and on Cast Iron it cost an arm and a leg for a quality sink.

                If you read the ASTM specifications
                you will note how they also endorce porcelain ON CI for wear resistence compared to STEEL.

                But HJ the fact remains Stainless steel is STILL the sink of choice UNLESS unlike you who wash pots in the toilet A china fixture is not really desired for this type of service LOL Have a great one :-)

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                Avatar photohj

                  This was specified as a lavatory. Most people also have a kitchen sink to wash pots and pans. Or else they would have to have very small cookware to fit into the sink size specified. Also porcelain china is the most stain free material.

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                  Avatar photoGuest

                    American Standard has small drop-in china sinks–maybe small enough. Perhaps a small undermount china basin would work if the tumbled marble can handle the moisture around the rim. Then maybe the faucet can be mounted in the corner or on the side or wall rather than on the counter/faucet deck–that might save you some depth. Several manufacturers have small undermounts. Plumbing supply houses are your best source, and they usually discount. Home centers don’t have much variety of type, style, or brand. (That’s a VERY small counter for anything more than a powder room….) Good luck!

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