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      john dee

      Right I’ll start from the beginning’

      I bought a house two years ago and underwent the task or a referb, the house is semi detached in London with 5 bedroom and 3 bathroom sounds big but not loft conversion and a (downstairs bedroom).

      Main bathroom: 1 main shower (currently pumped) and a bathtub
      Downstairs bathroom: electric shower, toilet and basin
      ensuite in loft: currently installing but will have shower, toilet and sink.

      We have my disable nan who lives downstairs so downstairs bathroom is hers with a kitchen ( granny flat)

      We have our kitchen So technically two sinks ( to run at same time)

      Currently have a gravity fed vented system and the water pressure was poor. Had old 15mm pipe from outside stopcock and recently (two days ago change to 32mm from stopcock)

      Right so know you know what we currently got….

      We want to change our boiler and upgrade as boiler is on its way out and get the best availed option for us.

      What we want is to have a powerful shower in the main bathroom and ensuite and to have hot water without the current 1hour wait.

      Current mains is at 12ls and 2.4 bar

      Unvented has been suggested but the plumbers can’t confirm the shower pressure will be adequate for a power shower and said that option would be a breaker tank then pump.

      Other suggestion is to keep vented but upgrade cylinder and boiler and cold storage tank.

      Or one other option was to have an accumulator

      Last option was to have a unvented cyvlinder split the hot water feed out from the tank one to kitchen taps and basins. The other feed to pump then to shower.

      Last not least was to have an unvented cylinder to all sinks, then a feed to unvented cyclinder to a vented cyclinder which will then be pumped to the showers.

      As you can see I am in need of some help because if all the plumbers can’t make their mind up on what’s best, How can I.

      Your help as always would be appreciated…

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      Unvented is the best system without having pumps installed.

      Plumber in Canterbury

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      So you have a new 32mm blue mdpe water main from the boundary box in the road? If so that flow rate still sucks.Once you get a good flow rate go for a boiler with an unvented cylinder. Veissman do a really nice boiler/unvented cylinder combo for a sweet price.

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