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      Donna Jo Harper

      1) Recently my water heater started making a popping noise.

      2) And air spews out first when I turn on a hot water faucet.

      Possible cause??
      * My water has been getting colder recently, so my heating element is going out. I wouldn’t think this would be related. But could it be?

      (My line is an ‘open system’ (trailer park), so the thermal expansion should be able to dissipate back into the system. I don’t understand why the pressure is building up!!)

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      Its likely the water heater/element is scaled up that’s why the water isn’t heating up and is most likely what the popping noise is. You can try replacing the element first if still a problem replace the water heater.

      Canterbury Plumbers

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      It could be but if it is really loud that is usually a sign that there is sediment build-up in the tank. You can take care of that with routine maintenance. You really need to do this fast.

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      It definitely sounds like the heater element has had it. I would change it quick This will be costing your extra electricity.

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      If you feel popping noise from water heater, consult a plumbing contractor regarding replacement of the anode rod in the tank. Anode rods are specially designed to attract minerals and can deteriorate over time because the popping noise is the result of mineral deposits in the tank. An ineffective anode rod helps to build-up of minerals, leading to popping noises and other problems. Hope it would be cooperative for you.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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