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      Help!! My pictured water valve broke when I was trying to turn the water back on after resealing a toilet. I bought a 3/4″ 3/4″ brass ball valve pf pf connection to replace it but then noticed that the old valve was soddered together with the old piping. I believe this was because the old valve was not compatible with the plastic type piping that was used. Also the ball value handle might not fit in the area to turn all the way (the space is about 3.5″ wide and that also the approximately size of the handle). Do you think the new valve I bought will work? Also, what about the problem with the new handle being too long?

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      If you have enough pipe cut out the old gate valve and replace higher up with a new one.

      If you have problems getting tools to the pipe below you could use a push fit with a bit of pipe, then valve above.

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      Can you not just remove and replace the headgear?

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