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      I have removed the tub in my master bath and see the HVAC condensate line connected to the drain pipe of the tub. I am converting the tub to a shower only. The home is about 33 years old (1980).

      When I have the tub drain uncovered there is no sewer odor (unlike the master sink drain that is currently covered with plastic). Click Here to see pictures that show the drain and PVC condensate line attached and what I see in the leave out.

      Is there generally a p-trap below where I have dug down in the leave out?

      There is a p-trap in the attic on the condensate line but it is very shallow. I have never had any issues with odor.

      Since there have been no issues so far (I have lived here 13 years), is it OK to tie back into the drain with the shower? I had someone suggest to tie into a 3″ vent and wet vent, but I don’t like that idea… but I’m not sure it’s any worse if the drain has no p-trap.

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      If you’re going to have a shower in there it would need a shower trap.

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