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      Dear All,

      My family and I have just moved into a new flat. The hot water in the flats run very, very hot. But the pressure is not so great. Not bad, just not heavy. The cold water has good pressure. The water for the cold runs out with three times the pressure of the hot.

      There isn’t a problem when using the water to wash up or fill the wash basin as we can mix the water to get the right water temperature.

      We have an old enamel bath with a mixer tap with seperate controls for the hot and cold water. There is a pull up metal rod that shifts the water to come out of the shower head rather than the bath taps.

      No matter how we try and balance the dialling of the tap controls the water always turns to extremely hot. So hot it has scoulded my child.

      I ran a test by putting the cold water on full blast and as soon as I turned the hot water tap a half centimetre the water turns blisteringly hot. You cannot put your hand beneath it !

      I am scratching my head as pressure of the hot water is far less than that of the cold. You would think that the hot water would have a hard time getting through ?!?

      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. We are at our wits end. With Water Rates as they are we can’t all have baths every morning.

      Thank you for reading.

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      I would suggest changing the bath shower mixer as water can be mixed to the correct temperature everywhere else.

      Diamond Plumbing – Plumbers in Canterbury, Kentplumberincanterbury2013-08-30 03:56:06

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