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      Bret cousineau

      The basin tap (hot) keeps dripping, I’ve had it out and cleaned any bits out. I use a water softener so its not a scale problem.
      I’m not sure how long the washers last with this style of tap.

      Not sure how to upload images from my pc.



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      Customers supply B&Q taps for me to fit and they sometimes fail only a week later! There is some poor quality stuff out there. Of course you should be changing the tap washers as they will no doubt be tired after 8 years but if the head gear feels tight when turning off the tap you may as well fit a new set of taps. I like Bristan taps as they have a 5 year guarantee and are good quality. moopy2013-07-31 04:33:39

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      Thanks for your reply, I’m taking the tap down to ‘Plumbase’ tomorrow to sort out a fix. Another site suggested the ceramic inserts are the problem, the washers still look in good nick, so I couldn’t understand why it was dripping.

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      Bathroom taps need to be investigated and repaired at proper time. Water dripping thorough tabs should be in a proper manner otherwise it can cause leakage problems. The same problem occurred at my house. I had a dripping tab and I was truly surprised at the amount of water that could have gone down through the drain. Since conserving water is of the utmost concern I thought so I decided to change the whole water supply system. The main problem was in washers actually. After replacing the washers, there is no such problem of leakage thankfully.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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