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      Jesse Aaron Hunn

      My hot water taps ( all of them) have a very slow flow, much less than it should be. We had a new hot water (gas) tank installed in November, ( it is July now) and only in the last month has there been a slow down in hot water flow. If I turn on the bath tub, or the washer ( dish or clothes) the flow on the other taps goes down to a trickle. I thought it might be an air lock so I cross connected the taps on the washer so that the hot was connected to the cold. Turned on the taps to try and push the air through he lines, by opening and closing all the hot taps in the house starting furthest away from the hot water tank. No good result other then the flow was great when I had the taps cross connected. The house is 22 years old and we have a well with water that is not hight in iron but has a little higher calcium content. We do not have a water softener.
      Any ideas

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      Do you have a strainer before the heater or hot water cylinder? This may need removing and cleaning.

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