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      judy espinal

      I am a UK consumer rather than a tradesperson.

      My problem is that pipes have been removed without my knowledge from the rear of my home. Now I would like a water supply at the rear it has become apparent that the plumbers who fitted a new boiler last year actually removed the whole water supply to the rear of the house along with the old boiler. The new boiler was relocated upstairs.

      It will be quite a disruptive and time consuming job to reinstate the water supply. I believe my plumber, who I have known for some years and trusted, has behaved unethically, although it may be his employees who were responsible. I intend to talk to him about this but would like a bit of feedback from others about any possible legal implications.

      I would appreciate any comments, thanks.

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      Further to this post I have spoken to the original plumber who tells me there was never mains water to that boiler, only gravity fed, which was all removed, legitimately. It seems like I have no complaint, and it was my misunderstanding. Maybe plumber #2 was doing a bit of stirring?
      Thanks for reading my posts!

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