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      Jerry hunt

      When my washing machine is emptying it fills up the kitchen sink then drains away. A plumber checked all of the drains in the flat and says they are clear. He replaced the Durgo valve and said that was not the problem. He also said the drain was clearing when the valve was removed. This he put down to an airlock in the drain which he could only find iif he lifted the floor and checked where air was entering.

      It seems od to me on a number of levels

      1. Surely one checks underground, or underfloor pipes with a camerq these days?
      2. If the drain is emptying when the air intake valve is removed and the drains are clear then it doesn’t sound like an airlock.

      Deos nayone have any suggestions what I do next?

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      The key to a good sink drain lies not only on a good installation, but it also depends on the plumbing supplies you use. A proper and regular maintenance is required to keep the drainage system in a good condition. It should work flawlessly. If you don’t do regular maintenance and inspections, the drainage system cannot work properly and you may have to pay installation and repairing fees. To get rid of the draining sink problem, you should keep in mind that only water is allowed to flow through the drain.amy782013-08-12 22:39:31

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