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      as in fully hot, not bearable. It’s one of these thermostatic cartridge single mixer for both shower and bath jobs. I have swapped the cartridge (I had a spare) and swapped over the non-return valves with each other and same result. I am beginning to think the cold water pipe is blocked! I had some debris come through yesterday that got lodged in the shower head, but once I cleaned it out I had this issue. The cartridge and the non-return valves have just been de-scaled as per bathstore recommendations (50/50 vinegar solution for 1-2hrs, then silicone grease the o-rings). Please help, I am a plumbing novice!silvershower2013-07-05 05:59:11

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      Could either be the shower head or the cold feed in is not coming through properly.

      Have you got an isolation valve on the cold feed to the shower and is it turned on fully?

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