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      Usually when I would retrofitting a house with an ABS stack that previously had a cast iron stack I would cut the stack a foot or two off the ground leaving the connection to the clean out in the floor, then conenct the ABS to the cast iron using a fernco adaptor.

      the problem is that I am working on some terrible work that has been done by someone else. Look at this crap!

      You can see in these pictures that there is a sink/shower drain that is being shunted into the cleanout of the cast iron drain. That will be attached properly, but the part that I am unsure of is how to properly connect the ABS to the cast iron bulb.

      Should I attempt to find a section of cast iron pipe and attempt to install it the old fashioned way? I was also considering taking the ABS out, cleaning the cast iron and ABS and then using an epoxy to bond them both together… worst case maybe using a tube of caulk. I don’t like the caulk idea but epoxy doesn’t sound soo bad…

      any thoughts on how to approch this?

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