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      I have a toilet that does not fully flush, and believe the problem to be with the holes in the rim of the bowl. Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean these holes?

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      Depending on your water conditions what minerals are plugging the holes.

      Rather then rely on caustic chemicals you may want to try a paper clip and clean out these holes and see if that helps

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      jack spotz

      i wouldn’t rely on cauctic chemicals either but…there is a muratic acid replacement that isn’t hateful and still works well. it is called “ultra safe” muratic acid replacement. hardware stores in CO. all have it but that may be because its made here. i live in a very hard water area and it is all that works. pour it in the overflow tube of your toilet, the whole gallon, slowly, and go to bed. in the morning it may be soft enough to dislodge with a paper clip if you work hard but these holes are around 1/8 inch round. i use a very small screwdriver with the tip cut off then sharpen the chaft like a chisel, then i bend it at almost 90 degrees. the handle gives you leverage. i just twist it through. hope i helped. jack

Viewing 2 reply threads
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