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      I am by trade not a plumber but often have small jobs that are associated to my field that I do.

      Currently I have a pressure geyser which has no pressure. I know there is a lime build up so flushed out all the hot water pipes being fed from this pressure geyser. I replaced the incoming cold water pipes and still no water pressure.

      I am looking for advice on how to check the pressure geyser valves etc. and try and find out why there is no water pressure

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      If you seem, there is no pressure in your pressure geyser check your power connection, Is this right? If it is right, then there may be any blockage. In this situation you have to open geyser and remove blockage to run it properly.   

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      It looks like there is some blockage in the geyser. Just need a complete cleanliness. Open up the geyser and do its thorough cleaning .It will be fine.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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