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      Help please!

      2 months ago I replaced our broken 60 gallon electric water heater with a Giant Super Cascade 60 gallon electric water heater. Ever since then every morning (or 12 hour or so without using hot water) I have air coming out of the hot water faucets for the first 10 seconds or so. Just the hot water not the cold.

      The only difference between the 2 tanks is the inlet on the new tank is at the bottom of the tank as oppose to the traditional inlet and outlet being at the top of the tank. Also, when I re-did the plumbing for the inlet, I coverted from copper to Pex.

      Are setup is as follows. Well pump -> Pressure tank -> water softener -> vacuum breaker -> hot water tank. All is copper 1/2″ except from the vacuum breaker to the hotwater tank.

      Tank is also on a cement basement floor but sitting on 1 1/2″ isolating styrofoam as was the previous one. I also drainned the tank a few times and when filling it up, had all faucets opened and closed them from closest to farthest and let the air out from the pressure relief valve.

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