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      Jeff Votteler

      Help! Our toilet won’t drain that much went flushed (and what does drain, comes up through the tub). If we run our shower or washer, then the toilet bubbles. Here’s the details:

      We’ve had plumbing issues under our house for awhile. There’s a small hole in one of the cast-iron pipes, we believe, which has caused a couple inches of water to stay under our house. We’ve tried sump pumps to get it out, but the water fills back up; it’s expensive to have a plumber fix it all, but we’ll get it done sooner than later. That’s been happening for awhile, but last week is when the pipes really got bad.

      As I mentioned above, we can’t use our toilet because only a little bit of water/sewage get’s pushed out, then it starts over-flowing. What does leave the toilet started coming up through the shower drain. After awhile, it eventually drained out. When we use our washer, sink, or shower: you can hear the toilet bubbling. Then the water drains back out of it to about 0.5″ at the bottom.

      We called RotoRooter (plumbers) and they snaked our main drain from in front of our foundation to the street. They tried to snaked under the house, but said the snake kept getting caught about 4ft behind our foundation (prolly a broken pipe). So they left, no charge. We rented a snake and took it to my rooftop. There were 2 pipes with visible water at the bottom, so we snaked them both. We unclogged some hair and a hair tie, but nothing major. We ran the snake quite a ways, too. It seemed to fix the problem: we could flush our toilet, shower, do laundry and run the sink! We returned the snake, only for the same issue to happen the following day. Everything’s clogged back up now.

      We would lift the toilet up and snake directly under it, but the floor has some damage and we’re afraid that we might bust a hole in the floor when we move the toilet. I understand that my current house is in really bad condition, so no need to point that out – we’re fixing it up now, one problem at a time :).

      We’re gonna rent the snake again and go back to the rooftop in the morning, but I was curious if there was something else that we should try. If anybody has ANY suggestions at all, then PLEASE let me know. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!ShineHigh2472013-04-27 13:50:36

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      Has it always happened?

      It sounds like a drainage run problem.

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