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      Jeffrey C

      We had our entire septic and leach field replaced 4 1/2 years ago. At the time, the installer informed us that they would have to fill in the existing dry well that the kitchen sink and dishwasher drained to and they would connect the drain lines to the septic system. (the plans called for this as well)

      A few days ago, we installed a new sink in our basement, coming off the drain line from the kitchen sink. The first time we used the sink,it drained very slowly, and then water started backing up into it. There is a clean out on this line, which we opened, and it was filled with grease and other gunk, so we cleaned it out, but we were still getting water backing up into the downstairs sink every time we used the upstairs kitchen sink or dishwasher. We assumed there was a clog somewhere, so a plumber was here today snaking out the line. After it was cleaned out, water was still coming back up the drain line. With the snake in as far as it would go, it still wasn’t hitting the septic tank (they opened it up to check) so he is suspecting the septic installer did NOT actually connect the drain line to the septic, and we’re dealing with a clogged dry well. Is there any way to tell if this is correct without digging up the yard? And what is our recourse if this is in fact what has happened?     

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