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      Jeffrey Norton

      I have no idea about plumbing but I need to figure out how to remove something from my kitchen tap. I need to remove the end on my tap to attach my portable dishwasher but i can’t remove this piece that spins on the tip of the tap. I don’t have a key to remove it and so I would need someone to tell me how to remove this part without key. It’s kind of like a covering over top of the tap end that you can’t remove by turning it. I want to be able to attach my dishwasher but my landlord couldn’t figure out how to remove it.

      please help :)

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      See You don’t have actual equipments for it and even no knowledge about plumbing. Then why you want to go for it. You know Half knowledge is always bad. Call your plumber and let him do this. Or if you don’t want to call a plumber then get help from some of your friend nearby you who have plumbing knowledge.

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      I cannot call a plumber my landlord does not want me to. I am looking for advice on how to remove a small piece that does not affect the actual plumbing. I don’t need a plumber for this and I don’t have the money to pay a plumber for this anyways.

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      Nevermind. Got someone to figure it out for me.

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