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      Jeffrey Neu

      Hi after i use my shower there is a humming noise from the pipes and the only way to stop it is if i run the other shower in the en suite bathroom. What could be the problem and how can this be fixed??

      Thank You

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      It can be water hammer. Water hammer generally occurs when you shut off a quick acting valve. This results into a loud sound like a bang and it is usually because of water’s energy expressing through sound waves instead of flowing. The other thing you are saying is that the sound stops as you turn on your another shower. Then It can say that the quick valve gets slow down, comes back to the older position so it put a stoppage to water hammer.

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      Thank you for your reply, it was the non return valves in the pump. They were faulty and needed replacing

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      My bathroom shower had same problem. I had replace my shower from because I have no idea how to replace a shower.

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      non return valves in showers are a nightmare. My own shower failed the other day. I don’t get paid for replacing my own stuff!paulplumb2013-04-08 06:36:20

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