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      jed Gibson

      Hello Everyone, I’m here hoping to get some insight into whether the problems I am having with the water heater are normal for a new home/new water heater. Please bear with me on details, because I’m currently deployed and don’t have maintenace records with me.

      Water Heater # 1: The house was purchased beginning 2010. There were periods when the water was stark cold. My contractor sent out someone from the company where he got the water heater and they didn’t say there was a problem and just showed me how teh reset button. I had to reset often. Summer 2011 I woke up to a flooded bathroom. Went out to the garage and water was sproating out of the top of the water heater. I can’t remember what they said was wrong with it, but they had to replace the entire water heater.

      Water Heater # 2: Not long before I had hot water problems again.    Twice the guys came out. Once to replace the and another time to replace something else. I just remember wires being burned. (I deployed in July 2012 and had to rent the house out)

      Jan 13 – Tenants complained the water wasn’t getting hot. The guys went out and thermostat and pump. This cost me $350.

      Feb 13 – No hot water again. The guys go out and I’m told that the water heater burned up some wires. When I asked why I keep having these problems, I was told because the water is hard in New Mexico and system needsto be flushed. I request a cost estimate on the flush. I hear nothing back.   

      Mar 13 – I get a bill from my propertly manager for $400 after having the heater flushed (although I didn’t authorize it). The receipt shows “water element, 1/2″ check valve, removed water heater and flushed out”

      With that said, I’m curious as to whether it is normal to have so many problems with 2 different “new” water heaters in less than 3yrs? I’m not sure the brand of the 1st heater, but this one is an Ervey. Mind you, both water heaters are from the same company, who also happen to be the guys fixing it each time. From my understanding, the water heater is supposed to still be under warranty, but it seems taht everything that goes wrong isn’t covered.

      Please advise. Thanks in advance.


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      I am sure that the water heaters you have purchased should fall in the warranty period. In my opinion, you should get the water heaters replaced by the company in the time period.

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      No its not normal at all. I am amazed when they were repairing your water heaters why didn’t you ask them what actually is wrong with it. It will be nice if you check for its warranty period and have it replaced. Don’t let them repair only, ask them to exchange. If warranty period is over, go for a professional plumber who actually can sort out your problems.

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