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      Hello, I just followed the instructions to drain, clean, and refill my gas hot water heater here:

      After finishing, I seem to have no hot water pressure whatsoever. The water input is open, and (when turned on), hot water comes out of the pressure release valve AND the bottom drain. However, none seems to go through the house pipes and none comes out of any tap in the house. Cold water works fine.

      I have tried emptying it completely, opening a hot tap in the house, and refilling the tank from scratch to try and get rid of any vapor lock, but it didn’t work. When I tried that, air sputtered out of the faucet for awhile and I thought I must be getting somewhere, but eventually that just stopped and water still did not come out of the tank.

      Here are two pics of my tank:

      Any ideas before I break down and call a plumber? Deeply regretting ever performing “yearly maintenance” on my hot water heater, because I can already predict that someone will just try to sell me a new one.

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      The gate valve with the green handle are prone to failing in the closed position. The handle will still operate but the gate will remain in the closed position. This may have happened to yours. I never try to shut these valves off for this reason. Drain the system again and remove the valve and see if the gate in the valve is open. I hope this helps.

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      We all know the important of heating system in cold days. In fact, heating repairs become a must when your heating system breaks down during the cold days. Water heaters eventually break, but repairing or replacing depends on age, condition, and budget.

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      Water heaters provide you hot water when you need it. To make sure that you get hot water in cold days, its important to get your electric equipments regularly serviced and maintained.

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      To maintain the energy efficiency, safety, and useful life of your hot water heater, regular service and maintenance is required. Not only that much, regular maintenance is important to prolonging the life of your traditional storage water heater.

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