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      hey guys, i’m a new member. i have a problem. noticed a couple months ago when we use the big garden tub in the master bath that i get a sewer smell in my basement. if i close the drain off some with a washrag where it will drain slowly, then we don’t get the smell. about a month ago we left the house one day and we’re gone about 6 hours. the toilet was running when we got back and the whole house reeked of septic that’s the only time it’s gotten upstairs. today we have gotten a whole lot of rain and i can smell a septic smell in the basement only. seems that when a whole lot of water is turned loose at one time that the septic smell shows up. don’t see any signs of any sewer leak in the basement. any idea what my problem is? Do I need to have my septic tank pumped? it’s never been pumped. or is it something else? thanks for the help.

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      Why don’t you call your plumber for it, he can best examine it. Secondly he would know about all the connections of septic tank so he can get the reason for it in seconds. Without delaying call your plumber’s number.

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      The base has lot of issue regarding some septic smells. But this
      problem can be overcome with proper sewerage system and some
      air-freshers. smith462013-05-27 16:55:45

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