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      Jean Dilts

      Hi all,

      I have an yard trap which is blocked and overflows flooding my back yard (Please see image link at bottom , sorry for my dodgy sketch). I own the house but do not live there so I have not been able to check whether the water slowly drains out through the pipes or if it is completely blocked but even running the kitchen tap will fill it up faster than it drains.

      So far I have tried 500g of Diggers Caustic Soda, sticking the hose as far down an blasting it and using a drain cleaning tool I got from bunnings (sort of like a coil approximately 1.2m long (don’t think it quite made it to be honest). I have had some success in that I managed to dislodge quite a substantial amount of white cakey substance which looked like rice or sodden paper but the drain is still blocked.

      Can anyone please give me some ideas of what to try next? I heard electrical conduit is good? Also a lady at bunnings advised me to get these drain pellets but I thought if straight caustic soda doesn’t do it then the pellets wont either.

      Any help is greatly greatly appreciated.

      Thanks very muchly in advance.

      p.s. i am not sure which of these image links will work, hopefully one does…


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      Pop your boots on first. Run a hose to your yard and open the tap. Fill the gully full of water and keep the tap running. Then use one drain rod and appropriate size plunger (4 inch?) and push the rod up and down like a mad man for 30 seconds. Water being relatively in-compressable should act like a piston when pushed and dislodge the blockage further down the line. If this does not work let us know and we will try something else. If it works let us know anyway.

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      Hi mate,

      Sorry for the late reply, I actually forgot about this. There was a blockage of tree/grass roots from just the other side of the gully trap to about another metre further. This was not the main blockage however, it turned out this was about 20m away from this gully trap and was caused by tree roots and baby wipes (sigh). I used a hand driven drain clearing tool and after many dirty hours of cursing I managed to free the blockage.

      Thanks for your help mate! Have a good one.

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      Ha ha at least you sorted it in the end [<:o)]

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