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      Jeanne Mahoney

      Alright guys/gals. See if I can get this one figured out.

      My hot water heater is on full blast, and it does not scold me. It’s hot, replaced the Water Heater Gas Control, and still no burning sensation on my hands. That’s not even what I’m hitting you people up for.

      Ok. I have hot water coming out of all of my sinks and my tub/shower that has a three valve. One hot, one cold, one to split from tub to shower. You know the routine. Right, so I get hot water out of the tub, but only Skywalker warm out of the shower.

      Checked all valves, stems, etc… No grime, gook, clogging. All washer’s and valves are new. Here is where it get’s weird and beyond my scope of things. If I turn on the tub to hot, it gets to the hot point. I switch it to the shower, hot for like 20 seconds, and then it goes back to look warm. There is no cold coming in. There is no air. Why would it be doing that? It’s only the hot line of copper going up to the shower head. Why would it be hot for 20 secs, and then go back to luke warm? Should I turn the shower head upside down and load it with some CLR? How could 4 feet of copper be messing this thing up? I do not get it. I’ll get to the water not being hot next.

      Thanks in advance,

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      So the masterplumbers can not give me an answer after four days… Who the heck runs this site? Login is all messed up.

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      As you have already tried almost everything. Instead of doing it yourself, it would be better to consult hiring a professional to get the job done. briancooper2013-03-07 15:32:08

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