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      In my master bedroom in my house there’s a strange sewage smell coming (what I think is) from the ground area, but only during the hours of 9pm PST and would last about 30-45 min. I would call a plumber, but kinda hard to source where the smell is coming from if it only occurs during that time. Also there would be some days where there is no smell, then there are some days where it is a very awful smell.

      Anyone have ideas what it could be? and who i should contact?

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      Hey the same problem happened in my house. We live in Ireland and have the property managed by an estate agent. Few days before the septic tank was emptied and the lid replaced as it was cracked. It was stinking vary badly. May be it was because of using bad plumbing supplies. That is why I had replaced old plumbing supplies with new South Coast Sales Irish plumbing supplies. Now the condition is much better, and there is no smell in tank.

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      I think you need an experienced plumber because this problem can be solved by analyzing the current location. It may be a problem of plumbing damage of your home or any outer clogged drain. Remember, select experienced plumber.

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      If your sewage smells in the night only then you firstly need to check sewerage exit points to ensure is that open or is not. If they are completely open then cover them through steel or brass net to stop the entry of mouse and any other rodents. You also should check any clog material or water in sewage. If there is any clog material then remove it immediately to get rid from smell. Hope it would be helpful for you.   

Viewing 3 reply threads
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