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      Hello all,

      I live in a unit block. Our small laundry has a floor waste.

      When we first moved in we discovered that the previous owners had used glad wrap to wrap around the floor waste cover. It had fouled right up and basically looked like years of disgusting stuff had formed almost a rock solid blockage. I cleaned it out with rags (it had food solids in it?) and buckets and buckets of hot soapy water, detol, draino, and whatever else I could find. Once I finally had it looking clean, I also checked with my hand the pipe that was running into the floor waste/drain area. It had a lot of concrete rocks stuck in it. I cleaned them out and it was all normal for a few months.

      Since then, it regularly fouls up again and creates a disgusting smell.

      I have checked with one plumber while we were doing some renovations, and while he charged me to fix it he basically had no clue and it still happens.

      I’m certain that the pipes that run into the floor waste do not come from my unit. I’ve tested both my kitchen and laundry sinks and neither of them cause the water in the drain to move even slightly.

      Also, we’ve found rice in there and we very rarely eat rice and don’t wash it down the sink. So it’s likely that the pipe is somehow connected to my neighbours (possibly above?) but I have no idea how to fix it.. The smell is so revolting that I’m worried it might also have a bit of sewage mixed in?

      Someone suggested concreting it up as a joke- if it stopped the smell, I think it’d be worth it!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can’t afford for plumbers to come, stand there, look at it, poor draino/bleach down it, and hope for the best. I know that doesn’t work.



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