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      Have had a slow-flushing toilet reach the point where it will not resolve itself of solids. Bowl will fill and drain slowly, leaving most solids. I have:
      -Snaked the toilet and the drain pipe
      -Removed toilet and replaced wax
      -With toilet removed, ran hose water down drain and experienced free flow, no back-up
      -With toilet removed, ran snake through toilet. Came out discharge end with no resistance and clean
      Toilet is now resting on the floor, waiting next attempt at something?
      No other drains (including washing machine, dishwasher or kitchen sink) seem to drain slow.
      Suggestions appreciated.


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      1- pour about 5 gallons of water directly into the toilet and see if it “flushes”

      If it does then your problem is with the water filling the toilet from the rim and this could be just a simple cleaning is required.

      2- If the water does back up TRY pouring 5 gallons down the waste pipe directly without the toilet and see if it takes it. Then get back to me

Viewing 1 reply thread
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