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      Tom Beattie

      Kitec® was manufactured by a Canadian thermoplastics company, Ipex, Inc, and in the U. S., by their subsidiary, Ipex USA LLC. It was first introduced into the U.S. market in 1995. According to the manufacturer Kitec® is “an engineered composite pipe made from flexible aluminum tubing -permanently bonded between layers of durable polyethylene – Kitec®PAâ„¢ can be installed directly below grade or encased in concrete without additional protection. Its tough cross-linked polyethylene outer and inner layers provide excellent corrosion resistance, while its aluminum core provides a built-in permeation barrier against ground source contaminants such as termiticide. The result is years of reliable service, even in harsh soil and water conditions where the use of copper should be avoided.”

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      Thanks for sharing this information about the history of Kitec plumbing. I have read the whole article and I really liked it.

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