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      My faucets have aerator screens on them and white paricles keep clogging the faucets slowing down the flow dramatically. We are on a neighborhood well system and we have a water softner. What are the white particles or where are they coming from ?????

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      Check your H/W heater and see if it is an AO Smith the company KNOWN for defective dip tubes failures like the one THIS COMPANY never told me about.
      If it not a dip check the mineral content of your water supply

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      sounds like a dip tube to me , if you e-mail me a info@aaronsplumbing.com i’ll send you some info about faulty dip tubes used by all water heater co’s except one . There is some paperwork to complete but you may qualify to get yours fixed or replaced for free.

      best wishes

Viewing 2 reply threads
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