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      Joe Combs

      We rent out the basement, the home owners mentioned below are my grandparents. They are really old and don’t remember where this mysterious fix is which is mentioned in the following story.

      Here is the Story:
      So i’ll lay out the story: About 7 years back the pipes for the house kept freezing, so the owners contacted the builders of the house and found out the water main turn off valve was in the street in a small opening (I can attach that picture too). So they hired someone to dig up the driveway and road and they buried the pipes deeper into the ground, and wrapped insulation around the pipes and such to prevent this from happening again. And they also set up something, somewhere either in the storage room or outside in the ground or who knows where, that if we attach electricity or a heating element to it, then it will thaw all the pipes. So that is the huge pain right now, no one knows the location of this mysterious fix.. Perhaps you heard of a feature like this?

      Here is what we are going to try today: – Other than this is digging up the road the only option?
      …So while we are searching for this right now, at the same time the plumber that is coming over at noon says he could try to attach the T-bar to the water valve in the road, and clamp the electrical current to the bar and then to the valve in the house (this picture). Do you think that will work?

      Here is the shut off valve inside the storage room:

      Here is the shut off valve in the street (should be in the yard, but to our full knowledge the house was built against code and the pipe was put in the street…)

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      Consider hiring a professional plumber who can easily help you to get rid of the frozen pipes. Here is one link of the site: for your reference.

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