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      Hi everyone,

      Recently in my shower, I have noticed that every time I have finished showering and step out, there is a sizeable puddle of water.

      My shower box is in the corner of the bathroom, the puddle is just outside the wall (at the bottom )which is the wall where the shower head is also located.
      Initially I thought it was the silicon that was no longer doing its job so dad redid the silicon but the problem persists.
      Now we think it might be a leak inside the wall causing water to run out (slowly) whenever a shower is taken.
      We are concerned that this has been happening a while since the water had no room to leak out before. Now the grout between tiles at the bottom has disappeared and hence water can leak out.

      Do you think is likely?
      Where would the water have gone previously before it could run out?
      What sort of damage could I be looking at?
      The house is about 6 years old (owner builder), would it still be under warranty for internal plumbing work? if so how do I find out who did the work?

      Your input would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!


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      Water seepage in the basement is common for a variety of reasons. If you’re speaking of a water leak inside a wall, you better shut the water off immediately and call a plumber quickly

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      You should first call a plumber only he can tell you what might be the cause of leak. I think the shower could have caused the leak. Before the leak causes any other damage call a plumber asap.rodneylouis2013-06-13 14:16:06

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