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      Hi i am giving serious consideration to becoming a plumber. I am currently 26. I am planning on job shadowing a plumber to see if i would like the work or not. My biggest concern however is i am not mechanically inclined. I know a little bit about plumbing from doing a co-op at a plumbing store while i was in high school. The reason i want to become a plumber is i like hard work, I find how plumbing works interesting, i like to working with my hands, i want to be my own boss, i prefer to work for the most part unsupervised ect. i don’t have to much experience in construction, i have done a little work on the oil rigs, been a tree planter for the last 3 years. Most of the work i have done is being an unskilled labourer.

      So my question is do how plausable is it for me to become a plumber without being mechanically inclined? Do you believe it is something you can pick up without to much trouble? or is this one of those trades where if you aren’t naturally good with tools your better off trying to find something else.

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      Plumbing is challenging in that a good plumber, one who will be successful, has to know the rules, regulations, and safety standards related to plumbing so that they do not injure or kill someone. Anyone with a brain should be able to do it, but htey have to be good with their hands too. Plumbing can be challenging, but some jobs or tasks are fairly mundane.BrunaRibeiro2013-02-10 14:04:03

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      In my opinion, if you’re most comfortable when working with your hands, and you don’t mind confined spaces, then becoming a Plumber could be the perfect career move you ever made

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      I know guys who were business men before they became plumbers. I think if you are seriously hungry to become a plumber you will overcome any obstacles in your way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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