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      Hi, I hope this is the right site for finding some professional help.   I recently moved to a farm property that is on a well, and there are a couple of issues with things.

      The main issue is rust. The water comes out clear, and the municipal water safety testers said that it’s not harmful (not that I drink from the tap anyway), but the water always leaves rust stains in the sinks and the toilet and the washing machine. (Especially bad when our clothes get permanently stained by washing them.)

      I believe the solution to the rust is a rust-removing water softener, so I ventured into the back-back-room to see about the water softener, and I’m a little confused by some things I see there. I don’t know what everything does, and I’m not even sure that the softener module thing is connected.

      There is also a low-water-pressure issue, and I don’t know if the pump should be replaced, or if I should look into a deep well water pump, or what.

      What I’m hoping to be able to do here is post some pictures of the setup back there, and find some friendly professionals who can help me learn how to master this water system, and fix the problems.

      Am I in the right place?

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