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      I live in an older 4-plex, main water was off for repairs in a unit. 38 gal hot water heater is in kitchen. Water back on I see a puddle. No visible leaks on any lines, tank or inside heater enclosure. Water kept coming from somewhere…help.

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      Plumbing plays an important part in our lives. Plumbing has a long prolong history which has made the contemporary world as a reality. Hence, as you are facing any plumbing problems, consider hiring professional plumbers to get the job done.

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      Call the plumbers..They will definitely solve your problems..

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      Turned out to be a pin-hole leak 3″from the bottom…landlord and I spent all day putting in new copper cold water line…still leaked…under insulation…tah-dah.

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      Are check the inlet pipe whether it have any hole, check the nob also. If water coming from a random place on the body of the heater, then you might have a bigger problem. After checking the pipe you are facing the same problem you will call the plumber immediately.

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      Lol you really should insist that your landlord enlists the services of a professional plumber. I take my van to a mechanic when it goes wrong.

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      Calling in a professional plumber would be your best option in here to get water leak from hot water heater fixed. briancooper2013-03-29 19:24:08

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      Water heating ordinarily accounts for about twenty percent of home energy costs, which is second only to general heating. To minimize the cost of hot water, reduce the temperature of your hot water heater from the standard 140 degrees F to 120 degrees F.

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      Water leak detection services is essential to keep our home safe from water leak damages.

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      Call Your Plumber and have it checked thoroughly and get it repaired.

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