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      John Burbank

      I had a shower leak (dripping from the showerhead) got a plumber to change 2 of the internal cartridges as in the pictures below. Still leaks. It’s about a 10 year old Sterling fixture. The back is a pressure balancing valve with 2 screw stops.

      The cartridges were expensive, that alone was $100 + labor ended up spending a lot of money, I’m not sure if they were ever really installed properly or if the cartridges were exact match because they were rebranded as “kohler”. Either way:

      1. What are my options now? buy a new fixture and attach to existing pressure balance valve (is that possible?) — if so, do i need to cut tile??


      2. Change out both fixture and pressure balancing valve and redo tile?

      Thanks for reading, appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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      A common problem in older houses is leaking showers. Knowing how to fix a leaking shower head can prevent a visit from the plumber as well as save on water bills. Other than that there are always professional plumbers who can help you to get rid of shower leaks.

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