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      Jack Blazejewicz

      On the control panel on the boiler the heating temperature is set at about 78 degrees at present. However I have noticed that when the house/room thermostat calls for heat and the boiler starts, the flow heating temperature display figure often goes much higher and sometimes up to 90 degrees or above as it heats up the system. Is this normal or should I be worried that there is a fault somewhere ?
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      A central heating boiler is so named because they are placed in a central location inside the structure.

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      From what you have said, it seems that there is some fault with your heating repair system. Hence, I would recommend you to get it repaired as soon as possible by calling in professionals.

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      Boiler safety depends on a number of operations and maintenance variables, such as temperature controller. I would like to share that a boiler water temperature controller is just an on and off switch that controls water temperature.

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      Call the appliance manufacturer for some free advice

Viewing 4 reply threads
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